Hydrating Mask 4 plus 1 Bonus


This sheet mask is made exclusively for W SkinCare by one of the top cosmetic labs in Paris, France.

Formulated with botanical extracts, the W Hydrating Mask contains Witch Hazel and Hyaluronic Acid (a simple sugar that attracts water molecules to the skin) as a means to nourish and re-hydrate tired, dry skin.

Recommended especially for traveling clientele because they:
- don’t count as liquids and slip nicely into your carry-on bag;
- provide a refreshing skin pick-me-up prior to arrival from a long flight (dry, high altitude, recycled-air environment);
- are an easy way to revitalize/re-hydrate skin in the hotel room proper (combat lack of sleep, time zone changes).

The residual serum in each envelope is liquid gold so do not throw away!

Use as a serum separately until depleted.

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